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Zoning and Planning

What Is Zoning?   

Zoning is the regulation of land use. Typically, zoning is used to separate potentially conflicting land uses, such as industrial and residential.  


Zoning includes how far a house is set back from property lines, how high a fence is permitted, how large and where signs are and much more.

Zoning Code effective 07/05/2023

Why Zone?

Zoning promotes development that is safe, healthy, organized, and more livable. Zoning also ensures new developments are in compliance with the Village of Centerburg’s Comprehensive Plan and meet village standards.  Furthermore, zoning is used to protect the property values within the village. While regulations limit what you may or may not be able to do with your property, the intention is to protect everyone against construction or activities that may negatively affect properties.

Zoning Designations


The Village of Centerburg currently has 11 zoning classifications in 5 categories. Residential, Business, Manufacturing, Conservation/ Open Space, Planned Unit Development are the five categories recognized by the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Centerburg.


If you don’t know what your property is zoned and you would like to find out, the Zoning Administrator can provide you with that information or answer any other questions you have.

What Does the Zoning Administrator Do?

The Zoning Administrators tasks include issuing certificate of compliance, appropriateness, conditional use and temporary use. The Administrator is also responsible for completing zoning inspections, updating zoning maps, issuing violation notices, as well as receiving and forwarding applications for the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission.

General Guidelines to Follow when considering new construction or modification of an existing structure, it is necessary to contact the Zoning Office for proper approval of the project. If you have not been approved to begin the work, you are in violation of the Village Ordinance. Consequences include halting the project or removal of the unapproved construction or change. Working without the approval can be costly. SEEK APPROVAL FIRST!


Call the Zoning Administrator at 740-625-6075.

or Email:

Building Permit Application Forms

Commercial and Business Change of Occupancy Procedure

Zoning Fee Schedule


When seeking approval bring a drawing of the proposed change. The drawing does not have to be professionally done, but it should be clear and easy to read. It is important that the diagram include measurements (height, length, width, distance from lot lines and other structures. When deciding how much detail to include, remember, more is better. Details can save you time.


Suspected Violations and Complaints - Zoning violations and complaints are filed with the Zoning Administrator. If someone is suspected of a zoning violation or is the subject of a complaint, contact the Zoning Office during regular business hours.


Zoning Regulations 

Ordinance No. 2023-16

To amend the zoning ordinance of the Village of Centerburg and enact part eleven - planning and zoning code to be added to and become a part of the codified ordinances to provide a planning and zoning code.  Be it ordained by the Council of the Village of Centerburg, Ohio.

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